Sheffield Hallam University is one of the largest universities in the UK with more than 30,000 students and 4,000 staff offering over 700 courses. The university has 30 research centres which have outstanding success in government research exercises, income generation and industrial co-operation by coupling fundamental research in areas of international standing to the exploration of commercial opportunities. The REVEAL project sits within the Cultural, Communication and Computing Research Institute (C3RI) and benefits from the world-leading PlayStation teaching facilities located in the Department of Computing.

The first case-study game is being developed within the faculty’s own on-site game development studio, Steel Minions, which develops and publishes games on PlayStation and mobile platforms, including the PS4. The studio is run by former games industry professionals and benefits from direct industry support from Sony Interactive Entertainment Europe and Sumo-Digital Limited.

The Steel Minions game studio has already developed and published “PieceFall” which was the first PS4 student game from the PlayStation First programme, and is available on the European and American PlayStation Stores. Sheffield Hallam University also has the largest PlayStation teaching facilities in the world. The team are very much looking-forward to working on the first REVEAL game based on Edward Jenner and are already making quick progress using Sony’s PhyreEngine.

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