Presentation of the Partners: VRTRON

VRTRON is a game development studio founded in Malta in 2014. The founder of VRTRON, Ingo Mesche, born in Germany made his first game at the age of 15 years old and went to design and collaborate in over 100 social games & Projects including the “Moorhuhn” game credited to be “the most successful German PC game of all times” with over 86 million downloads to date. VRTRONs latest release “Languinis” was listed as #1 puzzle / edutainment game in 99 countries.

VRTRONs team worked on several VR/AR edutainment projects since the early 90s . The teams AR/VR game and technology “ElitecommandAR” was awarded as “best of show and innovation” at the New York toy fair.

For the Reveal project VRTRON will develop the second ‘educational environmental narrative’ application, Augustus Forum, and will provide the main validation of the transferred games technology. VRTRON will also be involved in the evaluation of the project outputs from a video games SME perspective.

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