REVEAL heads to IEEE VR in Reutlingen

Dr. Jake Habgood and Dr. David Moore from the Sheffield Hallam University / Steel Minions team are heading to Reutlingen this week to present a paper at the IEEE VR conference.

The paper entitled “Rapid, Continuous Movement Between Nodes as an Accessible VR Locomotion Technique” describes the results of an empirical study used to develop the virtual reality locomotion technique used in REVEAL. The paper compares a continuous node-based movement technique to traditional locomotion approaches, and it produced some interesting findings. Contrary to intuition, the study showed that rapid movement speeds reduce players’ feelings of motion sickness as compared to continuous movement at normal walking speeds. This has interesting implications for novice locomotion in VR and is notably a technique which has been used in the latest DOOM VR game released for PlayStation VR, so it appears to provide empirical evidence for convergent design solutions now being produced by the games industry.

The paper can be accessed here and the slides are available to download in the Download section of the REVEAL website.

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