REVEAL in the Classroom

As part of REVEAL, project partners developed an innovative approach for using Educational Environmental Narrative (EEN) games in the classroom. Originally developed and trialled with partners at UTC Sheffield, this video shows the final product being used with pupils at Mercia School in Sheffield. The approach is broadly based on the ideas behind "Anchored Instruction" [...]

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REVEAL Publishes Developer Resources

23rd January 2019 REVEAL Publishes Developer Resources The EU 'REVEAL' project which has produced two virtual reality games for Sony’s PlayStation®VR platform, is now making its technologies and resources freely available to other developers. REVEAL’s consortium of European universities and game development studios, has already released “The Chantry” game based inside the house of pioneering [...]

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PlayStation® VR research project ends with a celebratory week of events

Sheffield Hallam University will host multiple gaming events this week as a two-year virtual reality (VR) project comes to an end. The University has been leading the EU 'REVEAL' project since it began in 2017 and has led to two VR games being developed for Sony's Playstation®4 console. Steel Minions, Hallam's in-house games studio, releasedThe [...]

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“The Chantry” Launched on European PlayStation Store

REVEAL's first case study project, "The Chantry" was released today across Europe on the PlayStation®Store. The game, which has been developed by The Steel Minions Studio at Sheffield Hallam University, is an Educational Environmental Narrative game created using the REVEAL technologies. In the next stage of the project, all the technology including the source code [...]

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Steel Minions’ Sony Collaboration Shortlisted for National Award

The partnership is in the running to be named 'Most Innovative Contribution to Business-University Collaboration' at this year’s Times Higher Education (THE) Awards. The shortlisting is recognition for the work of the University's in-house game studio, Steel Minions - a research laboratory and teaching studio in Hallam's Cultural Communication and Computing Research Institute (C3RI). Under the PlayStation®First [...]

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“The Chantry” Teaser Trailer Released

With "The Chantry" game in the final stages of development, the development team at the Steel Minions have released a teaser trailer to whet the appetite of the PlayStation VR gaming community. We hope you like it!

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Discovery Day at Dr. Jenner’s House Museum and Garden

Join us for the official launch of “The Chantry” videogame, at the actual house where Jenner lived! Nearly two hundred years ago, an English doctor drew his final breath inside his country home. Thomas Jefferson asserted with presidential vigour that this was one doctor that “mankind can never forget”. But we have forgotten… Explore a [...]

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REVEAL heads to IEEE VR in Reutlingen

Dr. Jake Habgood and Dr. David Moore from the Sheffield Hallam University / Steel Minions team are heading to Reutlingen this week to present a paper at the IEEE VR conference. The paper entitled "Rapid, Continuous Movement Between Nodes as an Accessible VR Locomotion Technique" describes the results of an empirical study used to develop [...]

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The First Year of REVEAL

                      The first EU Project Review meeting for REVEAL took place in Luxembourg on the 28th February. Despite the inclement weather across Europe, the project was successfully presented to the reviewers as they each donned a PlayStation VR headset and were transported back to Dr. [...]

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Archeovirtual 2017: “Back to the Future: Archaeology and Cultural Tourism “on Play”

Archeovirtual 2017: exhibition: 13 degree of playing, with an eye on Archaeology, History and Cultural Tourism. Welcome to our Lab: visitors can play! and leave us a feedback to help building the future of interactive cultural and touristic experience, for Revealvr EU project and CNR ITABC, at Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archeologico Archaeological Tourism Exchange , Parco Archeologico Paestum (Salerno, Italy). From [...]

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