Promotional Artwork:

  1. “The Chantry” [zip] (47MB)


  1. “The Chantry” [English pdf] (4MB)
  2. “A Night at the Forum” [English pdf(4MB)
  3. REVEAL Technologies [English pdf(4MB)


  1. “The Chantry” Teaser Trailer [Aug 2018]
    English [mp4 HD] (125MB)
    English [mp4 SD] (67MB)
    Dutch [mp4 HD] (125MB)
    Italian [mp4 HD] (125MB)
  2. “The Chantry” Gameplay [Sept 2018]
    English [mp4 SD] (138 MB)


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    Conference Paper
  2. HABGOOD, M.P. Jacob, MOORE, David, WILSON, David and ALAPONT, Sergio (2018). Rapid, continuous movement between nodes as an accessible virtual reality locomotion technique. In: 2018 IEEE Virtual Reality (VR). IEEE.
    Conference Paper 
    Presentation slides